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Family Law Focus

High Net Worth & Complex Family Law Litigation

At Elisha D Roy PA we understand that each divorce is unique and requires a personal touch and personal attention. We are highly skilled at handling all types of high net worth cases and understand the nuances of high value complex litigation that is necessary to represent you well. While the attorney's at the firm are fully capable of aggressively advocating for your in court, the Firm recognizes the importance of keeping a low profile in the public and allowing you to maintain your privacy while assisting you through one of the most difficult times. Prepared at all times to go to trial if necessary, but providing you the necessary counselling on the law to assist you in resolution if this possible is one of the primary theories behind Elisha D. Roy's approach to family law.



Asset Division & Equitable Distribution
Florida statutes provide for an equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities, but often times that is far more complex than what it may seem. Did you bring assets in to your marriage? Did you inherit money during your marriage? Do you have trusts or other family assets that need to be addressed? Do you have business interests? All of these items and much more must be taken into consideration in properly determining what assets and liabilities must be distributed and how they should be valued. At Elisha D Roy, PA we are experts in complex financial issues and have the use of the best experts in the practice area to assist in these issues if necessary.

Timesharing/Parenting Issues
No area of the law requires more understanding and guidance than that pertaining to minor children. Elisha D. Roy was integral in the drafting and passage of the complete re-write to "child custody" laws in Florida that ended arcane terms such as "primary and secondary residential parent" and "visitation" from child related issues in Florida. Parents are parents and are each entitled to time with their children and to participate in their upbringing, that parents can no longer live together any more does not make them any less parents in a child's life. As such, you need a lawyer who is well known as an expert in timesharing and "child custody" issues to help you navigate through this process. A lawyer who can explain to you the laws application to your life story, and who can understand the delicate balance between legal entitlement and what will work for your family.

Alimony and Spousal Support
At the heart of a continuing battle in the Florida legislature and courts is alimony and spousal support and Elisha D Roy is one of the foremost lawyers in the State with knowledge on this issue because of her work with the Family Law Section dealing with this very issue. There are few lawyers around the state who know this issue or the various factions regarding it better than Elisha D Roy so you will be in good hands if this is an issue in your divorce, and in most cases it will be. Whether you may be paying alimony or receiving alimony or just need to understand your rights, an expert in the field is vital to understanding what your life will look like post-divorce. Unlike child support, which is guideline drive, alimony is currently driven by statute and case law and having a lawyer who understands the twists and turns that happen, on what seems like a daily basis, will be integral to you making the right decision about the path your divorce should take. In addition, the law firm can assist you with modifications or termination of alimony if that is appropriate.

Prenuptial Agreements
Oftentimes you may want to establish your rights prior to your marriage. The drafting a viable, enforceable prenuptial agreement is a detailed process that must be done properly from the beginning. The Law Firm of Elisha D Roy has expertise in drafting all types of agreements including prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.

Settlement Options
While the Firm understands not all cases can settle, often the best goal for a client is to find a resolution without a judge having to make a decision for you. Controlling the outcome of your case can make it more palatable and, especially when there are children involved, can help the healing once the divorce is finalized. As such, mediation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution are regularly implemented by the firm. This includes presuit negotiations, settlement negotiations throughout your case and the use of collaborative law techniques as well.

One of the areas of a family law practice that truly requires the professionalism and expertise of Elisha D Roy PA is paternity. The firm has represented both fathers and mothers in very high end, high profile paternity cases and maintained privacy and decorum for the parents and the children, which is of upmost importance. Understanding the complex nuances of paternity case is one of the things Elisha D Roy specializes in and she will take the time to understand your specific concerns and create a plan and goals that can be attained with her expert advice.